Foursquare cabinet in Orlando.

Foursquare leaders gathered online and in person in Orlando, Fla., last week for the annual Foursquare cabinet meeting, held April 12-14, 2021. In light of the cancellation of Foursquare Connection 2021, the conversation did not focus on the usual business reports and proposed bylaw amendments. Instead, the week was centered around prophetic prayer, unification and identity. With 97 cabinet members present, the time was filled with anticipation to live out more of who we are as Foursquare.

The week began with a powerful time of corporate worship and communion. It was evident the Holy Spirit was at work throughout the meetings. President Randy Remington opened with a heartfelt address to the cabinet, reminding them of the value of their presence and contribution, setting the tone for the week, and expressing the importance of this time.

“This is a season of living our prayers,” Randy asserted. “This is a prophetic moment.” As we look to the future, he continued, we are brought to our Foursquare roots, “reminding us of who we have always been.”

Cabinet is made up of women and men who are either elected or invited from every district representing every demographic of our movement: geography (U.S., global, rural and urban); context (missionary, chaplain, marketplace, large church, small church and non-traditional church); generations; ethnicities; and historical perspective (those new to Foursquare and those who have deep history).

Monday evening concluded with a time of honoring the 11 current district supervisors, who will complete their time as supervisors on May 15. Prayer and words of gratitude were shared by former General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo, who now serves as vice president, sr. director of Leadership Development and former President Glenn Burris Jr.

The week continued, focusing on Foursquare’s identity through an interactive table-talk and discussion session (in the room and via Zoom) led by Charles Lee, a former Foursquare pastor and the founder of Ideation, and author of Good Idea. Now What? Charles facilitated the leaders in a lively and inspiring discussion. Focusing on two of Foursquare’s Global Distinctives—Empowering Leadership and Shared Mission—Charles asked each table to identify current challenges in one of five key demographics: ethnicity, gender (women in senior leadership), generations, geography and ministry context. Through a productive time of ideating and dreaming, the cabinet members shared their ideas of how Foursquare can make strategic steps toward more empowered leaders on mission. The room buzzed with determination and hope as everyone worked together.

Wednesday morning, after worship and an extended time of prophetic prayer, the session continued with Ted Vail, D.I.S., sr. director of Global Mission, and Wendy Nolasco, sr. director of U.S. Mission, as they celebrated the new district supervisory teams, Global Mission team and Shared Mission team. 

A sense of unity was felt as the entire group of leaders, representing the U.S. and global Foursquare family, came to the front of the room for prayer and laying on of hands. All of cabinet gathered around the new team members and prayed, contending for a fresh anointing to fall on each person as they step into their new appointments.

“The reason we need all of us, together, is because it’s the only way the world will see who Jesus is.”
—Tammy Dunahoo, vice president, sr. director of Leadership Development

The remainder of Wednesday was focused on highlighting the One Team structure and how they will serve local leaders, including Shared Mission, NextGen, Foursquare Multiply and Foursquare Missions International. 

Paul Greer, director of Global Mission, encouraged the cabinet that every member plays a significant role in our Foursquare future. “We need every kind of creative form of mission to finish the Great Commission,” declared Paul.

The call to be together on mission was clearly expressed, understood and discussed throughout the entire week. The morning devotionals—led by Marysol Ramos, who will serve as associate supervisor of the Hispanic District, and George (last name withheld for security reasons), who will serve as associate global director—called the leaders to prioritize health, discipleship and mission.

Filled with hope for the future, the cabinet meeting closed with communion and a timely word from Tammy Dunahoo. “The reason we need all of us, together, is because it’s the only way the world will see who Jesus is,” shared Tammy. “We are one body, with many members; may we go, in our unique contribution and gifting, unified in our mission so that the world will see Jesus.”

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