In our February communication, we introduced the concept of our shared mission to recruit, develop and send leaders.

Foursquare Missions International (FMI) is expanding how it serves missionary workers and the global Foursquare movement, and we are excited to announce this integrated global team. Our Global Mission team is led by Ted Vail, D.I.S., sr. director, Global Mission, and Paul Greer, director, Global Mission, and shares our movement’s target of “more and growing leaders together on mission.” In addition to changing some of the leadership roles in FMI, including area missionaries, these teams and leaders will serve globally and send FMI workers. This new team includes some new faces and familiar faces in new positions.

Meet your global team

Global Mission Directors

Ted Vail, D.I.S., sr. director

Paul Greer, director

Global Associate Directors

This team will administratively serve six global areas and 16 regions.
George, South Asia
Jeff Roper, MENACA + Europe
Dan Lucero, Africa
Paul Otremba, Americas
Bella, North Asia
Jerry Stott, South Pacific and Southeast Asia
Each of the global associate directors is also responsible for the regional coordinators in their areas. We are thrilled to have Frank Greer (Southern and East Africa) and Sam Winston (MENACA) continue in the role of regional coordinators.
*Last name and photo withheld for security reasons

Worker Support

This team will serve and care for our 300+ FMI missionary workers.
Kiha Pimental, worker supervisor 
Joyce Butron, associate worker supervisor

Global Expansion

This team will serve throughout the Foursquare movement and especially in areas of training, business as mission, and supporting the work of the Foursquare Global Council.

Jonathan Hall, global expander
Gary Matsdorf, global training
was founded in 1923, and we have been growing leaders ever since.