Update from the Foursquare Church

Randy Remington, president of The Foursquare Church, shares the following word as we find ourselves at a moment in history unlike any other.

We are navigating a global pandemic with an unknown long-term impact. Churches and leaders are facing social and political tensions, as well as economic pressures. Leaders are grappling with how to serve a generation of young people who are walking away from the church.

To meet the needs of our rapidly changing world, we need an agile, sustainable and united strategy to support the leaders of our movement. We want to continue the work that began with Reimagine Foursquare. Organizationally, this means central and district structures will become more integrated and aligned as one team.

The Foursquare movement is uniquely positioned to serve the world in word and action with the message of Jesus, the one who brings healing, hope and salvation. We are committed to raising up leaders as we move into the future that Jesus has for us.

Please scroll on to learn more about how we evision God fusing and forming our hearts to be a people who see the world with compassion and lead forth with conviction.

This is how we move toward our target of “More and growing leaders together on mission.”

—Randy Remington, president of The Foursquare Church



Over the past weeks, President Randy Remington has shared the heart and vision behind where Foursquare is headed as a movement.

Here is a recap and timeline of upcoming changes. 

The Why

To meet the needs of our rapidly changing world, Foursquare needs an agile, sustainable and united strategy to support the leaders who comprise our movement.

After 15 months of listening and prayerfully considering what the cabinet’s presidential profile means for our future, Randy has articulated four priorities to guide One Team toward a clear target.

Together, we are centered in prayer, with an emphasis on discipleship and health.

One Team
A national team primarily distributed throughout the U.S. to serve leaders.

This One Team will have a clear focus to see more and growing leaders together on mission. 


The What

To better support leaders and grow together, we are reducing redundancies and eliminating some of the silos that do not serve our collective target.

Administration, services and support will be integrated so that global and district leadership can focus on training, care, resourcing and partnership.

Here’s a visual representation of how we are realigning to create a united One Team, ready to serve leaders. This One Team is not centralized or top-down. This One Team will be working together as one but distributed throughout the U.S. (even some internationally), which gives contextual advantages and points of care that our current office-based structures do not offer.


New One Team structure

The How

These are the four steps we’re taking to remove roadblocks and free up more people to resource, care, serve and connect with leaders.

  1. We are integrating a shared mission to recruitdevelop and send leaders.

Expect more coordination and collaboration among:

    • Affinity networks
    • Immigrant and non-majority cultures
    • Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR)
    • Foursquare Chaplains International (FCI)
    • Foursquare Missions International (FMI)

  1. FMI is expanding how it serves workers and the global Foursquare movement.

In addition to changing some of the leadership roles in FMI, including area missionaries, these teams and leaders will serve globally and send FMI workers:

    • Worker supervisor and associate supervisor to serve 300+ FMI workers
    • Associate global directors to serve 6 global areas and 16 regions
    • Training, deployment, and care teams for more and growing workers
    • A distinct team to serve the global church and Global Council
  1. U.S. districts are consolidating from 11 to 6 districts.

In addition to area and regional pastors continuing to serve local leaders, districts will include contextual variations of these roles:

    • District supervisor
    • Associate supervisor(s)
    • District administrator
    • NextGen coordinator
    • Communication + events coordinator
    • Administrative support
    • Multiethnic coordinator (immigrant and non-majority cultures)
    • Area/regional pastors
    • NextGen area pastors
  1. Our organization will work together as a nationally distributed One Team.

 Credentialing, property and some administrative responsibilities will be integrated into the One Team. This will free up district teams and personnel to focus on relational ministry and leadership.

Here are some of the integrated groups that will be serving:

    • Leadership growth + development
    • Leadership health + care
    • Diversity (continued development of women, immigrants + non-majority cultures)
    • Missions representatives
    • Church health + transformation
    • Church multiplication
    • Credentialing specialists
    • Field support for workers
    • Property + legal services
    • National specialists



What’s Next?

Join us for upcoming sessions of Foursquare Live, and stay tuned for important updates.

  • February 18 – Foursquare Live Q+A session
  • March 4 – Foursquare Live Q+A session
  • April 1 – Foursquare Live Q+A session
  • April 12-14 – Foursquare cabinet meetings
  • May 15 – Current districts close
  • June 15 – New districts open + credentialing relaunches

 *Subject to change


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