In March 2024 Pastor Emily Plater shared with the Central District about the importance of cultural intelligence as we minister in our present day and age. Partnering and communicating across culture is both a challenge and a great opportunity. As a people committed to being on mission together, it is essential that we commit ourselves to continue to grow in our ability to do this.  During our time together we will be engaging simple principles that will equip each of us to better partner across cultures in the places God has called us.

For more information on cultural relevance, check out these resources:

Emily Plater currently serves as the director of Shared Mission for The Foursquare Church. With a ministry background, she has navigated diverse pastoral and mission roles across various cultural contexts. These multifaceted experiences not only have enriched her personally but also have kindled a fervent passion to inspire and empower churches to cultivate cross-cultural relationships, promote discipleship and foster collaborative efforts.