Randy Remington
Randy Remington

You have just wrapped up an intense travel season internationally and to many of the district Foursquare Leader Conferences (FLC). What are you seeing?

Foursquare is at its best when we are together—praying, worshiping and hearing from heaven with one another. We had record in-person attendance this fall, and I was moved by how many people made the investment to participate. I attended several FLCs just to be with everyone and not to preach (which was likely a gift to everyone else and me). Being connected to our global family is a big reason so many of us continue to join what God is doing through this movement. The generosity and humility of our brothers and sisters worldwide always inspires me. I enjoy being with them.

Is a second term in your future?

According to the timeline, I must make the decision by Feb. 1, 2024, for my availability to serve a second term. In early November, I was with the board of directors during our final in-person meeting of the year. I shared with them that Sandy and I—along with some longtime friends in ministry—are praying through this significant decision.

The next 100 years start now. Where are we headed?

Foursquare’s founder, Aimee Semple McPherson, said people would ask her, “What is your task?” And she would simply say: “To get the gospel around the world in the shortest possible time to every man and woman and boy and girl. That’s my task.” I believe this is still our task, as articulated in our target of “more and growing leaders together on mission.” I see us embodying our six Global Distinctives and extending our Four-Stage missiology. I see us sacrificially serving leaders and churches, planting people who plant the gospel. I see rising generations of Jesus followers, dissatisfied with the status quo, who wholeheartedly want to be all in on greater things not yet seen.

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