From April 26 to 28, the Foursquare Central District faced an unprecedented series of severe weather events, with over 127 tornadoes reported across North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. The impact of these storms has been profound, causing extensive damage to numerous communities and towns, leading to loss of life, multiple injuries, and significant damage to homes and businesses. Our local leaders and resources are stretched thin. We are working tirelessly to assess the situation, support immediate needs, and respond to the ongoing crisis.

Please Pray:

  • For safety and protection. Pray for the safety of everyone in the disaster zones, including emergency responders, the Foursquare Disaster Relief team, and the local church we are collaborating with.
  • For the local church response. Pray for wisdom and favor for The Refuge church as they respond. Ask for open doors and for lives to be spiritually transformed as their physical needs are met. Pray for God’s restoration of what has been lost and broken.
  • For the restoration of homes and communities. Seek God’s help in the rebuilding of affected homes, businesses, and public facilities. Pray for the necessary resources and resilience during the recovery process.
  • For Support and Generosity. Pray for a generous response from the Foursquare family and others, through prayers, donations, or volunteer efforts, to help meet the immense needs of the affected communities.