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The Foursquare Church has a strong legacy of leading healthy camp ministries in which young people get in touch with God and discover His plan for their lives. With eight Foursquare camping facilities across the nation, the men and women who serve the Foursquare family in leading our camp facilities have prepared for another great outpouring of God’s presence this year. With every year that goes by, it seems the camping ministry is more critical, as people find their calling and receive God’s healing and equipping to do what He wants them to do.

Southwest District Supervisor Kimberly Dirmann says: “Although there is a great call on young people, many are imprisoned by deep pain, fear and bondage. Through the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, we will see hundreds of lives experience freedom and breakthrough at this year’s camps.”

Here are just a few ways we can collectively pray for Foursquare camps this year:

Pray for People

  • Campers: Pray that they will experience God and commit to live for Christ.
  • Speakers: Pray that they will speak the words of the Lord with sensitivity and passion.
  • Camp program staff: Pray that they will minister to campers with compassion and creativity.
  • Camp facility staff: Pray that they will have endurance and refreshing.
  • Cabin leaders: Pray that they will lead campers into greater growth in Christ.
  • Parents: Pray that they will have the peace of God while their kids are at camp.
  • NextGen representatives: Pray that God will equip them to disciple campers, especially when they return home from camp.

Pray for Results

  • Safety: Pray that everyone involved will have fun in an injury-free camp.
  • Spiritual blessing: Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill every person and every part of camp.
  • Refreshing: Pray that everyone will experience health and wholeness at camp.
  • Healing: Pray that campers and staff will find God’s healing for illness and hurts.
  • Forgiveness: Pray that the grace of God offered in His forgiveness will change lives.
  • Salvation: Pray that those who don’t know Christ will find Him to be Savior and Lord.
  • Holy Spirit fullness: Pray for people to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
  • Calling of God: Pray that campers will have sensitive hearts to hear God’s call to full-time service.

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By: Adam Davidson, director of operations for The Foursquare Church

is the corporate secretary and vice president of administrative operations for The Foursquare Church.