Surekha Hulugalle
Surekha Hulugalle

Jesus not only died for our sins, but also restored us into a lifestyle of living in His presence.

The curtain in the Temple being ripped from top to bottom finished the separation man had experienced since the Fall. There is now an invitation to step in and live in His manifest presence, daily.

Jesus demonstrated this lifestyle when He walked on the earth at any given moment.

It is not about a church gathering but an intentional individual choice through faith, wherever we are. Jesus emphasized this truth with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), highlighting that the “Father is seeking such to worship Him … in spirit and truth,” in His manifest presence (vv.23-24).

Living in God’s presence ensures that we function from a heavenly perspective—seeing things “from above”—according to His eyes and heart. Jesus highlighted this truth further in seeking the kingdom realm to get a heavenly perspective on worry and anxiety (Matt. 6:31-33).

Heaven’s laws are what we live by, accessing the presence of God, and enjoying His love, peace and joy. Lives are transformed, sicknesses healed and relationships restored, when we live in His presence in power.

Reflect + Pray

1. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a deeper revelation of what it is to live in His presence.

2. Pray that you would have life-changing encounters with the Holy Spirit regularly in order to live a presence-based lifestyle.

3. Ask God to pour out His Spirit over your congregation or those whom you lead, and give opportunity for such times in your daily life.

4. Ask God for a heavenly vision and fresh anointing for Foursquare churches and all who serve in them.

5. Pray for God to be working in the church worldwide, that our bonds with our brothers and sisters in Christ would be unified and strengthened.

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is the national leader for The Foursquare Church Great Britain in Bedfordshire, U.K.


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