Jay Bean, director of Foursquare Disaster Relief

Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) has appointed Jay Bean as their new director, effective September 1.

Jay, an ordained Foursquare minister, has served as FDR’s assistant director since June 2022 and has been instrumental in leading response efforts since the transition of Chad Isenhart earlier this summer.

Jay brings his unique blend of experience, passion and dedication to the mission of FDR.

“With Jay’s leadership, I am confident that FDR will continue to make a meaningful impact in disaster-affected communities around the world,” says Emily Plater, director of shared mission for The Foursquare Church. “He is excited to build upon the strong foundation that Foursquare has developed for more than a decade by working collaboratively with Foursquare leaders and churches in the U.S. and around the globe to ensure that relief efforts provide a tangible expression of God’s love to those in need.”

For almost 30 years, Jay has served in ministry, with 13 years as a Foursquare senior pastor. Married to Heather for 28 years, they have raised three children, welcomed a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law into their family, and are blessed with three grandchildren. Jay’s unwavering faith and love for his family have profoundly shaped his journey.

“I am honored to carry on the work of those that have served in this role before me, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with [former director] Chad Isenhart over this last season,” states Jay. “I am excited to lead our amazing team as we have the privilege of coming alongside our pastors, churches, missionary workers and national leaders to be able to help them fulfill the vision that God has placed in their hearts to serve their churches and communities in times of great need and crisis.”

FDR is a specialized arm of The Foursquare Church that responds to the most devastating disasters worldwide. Partnering with local churches in affected areas, FDR brings supplies, workers and hope long after the media have left. Currently, FDR is responding to the fires in Hawaii, earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, refugees in Ukraine and more.

To learn more about Foursquare Disaster Relief and where they serve in the U.S. and around the world, visit FoursquareDisasterRelief.org.

(FDR) is a specialized arm of The Foursquare Church that responds to the most devastating disasters worldwide.