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The Foursquare board of directors has voted to appoint an interim general supervisor to serve the National Church Office (NCO) during the 13-month term that Dr. Glenn Burris Jr. assumes his new role as interim president of The Foursquare Church.

Conversation regarding the appointment of an interim general supervisor began during the board’s annual summer retreat. According to directors attending the retreat, much prayer and prophesy filled the room in hopeful anticipation of God’s continued visitation on the Foursquare family.

Among the many favorable reasons for this appointment was the fact that the fully empowered role for an interim season would enable the interim president to give full attention to the tasks of the executive office. The decision would also model the commitment of our Foursquare leaders to pace our way into the future with balances of responsibility that are healthy.

The board considered the qualities and experience that would prepare a person for such a role and how to process the decision. Three important components of spiritual leadership emerged: a) call, b) competency, and c) character. It was important to process the decision with key groups who work most closely with the general supervisor’s office, namely, the board, primary NCO staff leaders, and district supervisors.

After consideration and prayerful discussion, the Foursquare board of directors is pleased to announce the selection of Rev. Tammy Dunahoo for the position of interim general supervisor, effective September 1, 2009.

Tammy currently is vice president of Women in Leadership Ministry and has also served as director of Foursquare Women, as a district supervisor, as a member of the church health team, the National Church Council and the Foursquare cabinet. Through 30 years of marriage and ministry, Tammy and her husband, Gary, have been lead pastors, church planters, associate pastors, district supervisors and district youth directors.

In response to the board’s decision, Glenn Burris described Tammy’s suitability for the interim role: “Tammy is a strong team builder, consensus leader and strategic thinker. Her approach to ministry is always characterized by a spiritual foundation that undergirds everything she does. She is a big picture person that also executes with great detail. She carries the heart and spirit of the Foursquare movement and is committed to stewarding its mission of reaching the lost, and multiplying healthy leaders and churches.”

With clear consensus among district supervisors, a unanimous recommendation by the primary staff of the National Church Office, and full agreement by the board of directors, Tammy will have the support needed to lead the National Church Office as interim general supervisor during this interim season.

On May 26, 2009 Pastor Jack Hayford, current president of The Foursquare Church announced his unavailability to serve a second term at the conclusion of his current five year term this August. In May, Dr. Glenn Burris, current general supervisor, accepted the board’s invitation to assume the role as interim president. Glenn will serve for the 13-month interval until the convention body in Atlanta will vote on our next president in May 2010. Tammy will serve in like manner for a 13-month term until the confirmation of our next president.

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