The Road to Hope

Hooray, Christmas is approaching again! Once again, we get a chance to make a big deal about Jesus and share with others. As we reflect over this past year, we are so thankful for you! Your partnership in many of Foursquare’s global efforts is making a difference throughout the world.

This Christmas, we in Foursquare Missions International (FMI) are linking arms once again with Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR), and we’re inviting your church to join us. This year, our efforts are focused on providing assistance and care for refugees fleeing Venezuela.

In my travels in South America, it’s impossible to look past the ongoing humanitarian crisis there. With the collapse of the economy in recent years, Venezuelans have continued to experience ongoing and profound suffering, due to lack of food and medical care, power outages, sickness and malnutrition. Over 3 million have fled, and many more are still fleeing the country.

Our FMI Christmas Offering, themed “The Road to Hope,” will raise funds for local Colombian Foursquare churches who are meeting Venezuelan refugees at various “rest stops” along the way in their journeys.

Foursquare Colombian pastors, seeing hundreds of people passing by their properties, have decided to do something to help. Our strength of having many churches in the region is that we can work directly through our local leaders in surrounding nations. They are the perfect partners: local, compassionate and eager to help.

Our help will multiply their impact. Local churches will be able to continue to provide a hot meal upon arrival and also a food and supplies pack estimated to last for one month. The cost for each hot meal is only $1.50 per person, and $25 for each pack for the journey. $100 will cover a family of four.

By giving to this Christmas offering, our churches serving refugee families are able to give more than just food and supplies. We are introducing people to hope, which is found in Jesus. When we look in Scripture at the Christmas story, we see people encountering Jesus, literally while on “roads to hope.” We see the Magi, who were following the star to Bethlehem, and the angel who pointed the shepherds in the direction they would go to meet Jesus.

As people in Venezuela are traveling roads in search of hope and peace, it is our prayer that they encounter Jesus, the only true and lasting hope we have. When you give this Christmas to “The Road to Hope” initiative, you help make it possible for people to encounter Him! We are in this together and every gift, no matter how seemingly small, is significant. Thank you for your partnership!

Gift Food to Families on the Road to Hope

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is the senior vice president of global operations for The Foursquare Church.