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During the month of August, three new churches were opened, seven Foursquare churches were closed, and eight Foursquare pastors retired. In addition, 13 senior pastors were appointed to Foursquare churches in the U.S.

There are now 1,675 Foursquare churches in the U.S., with 6,577 credentialed ministers serving at churches and in the field.

The following reported data was confirmed by the Foursquare board of directors between August 1–29.


Church Openings — 3

  • Centro de Adoracion (Riverside Central Foursquare Church), pastored by Ruben Nolasco in Riverside, Calif. (Southwest District)
  • Centro Cristiano Verday y Libertad (Dinuba Hispanic Foursquare Church), pastored by Pedro Caballo in Dinuba, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • The Heights (Airway Heights Foursquare Church), pastored by Jacob Powers in Spokane, Wash. (Northwest District)

Church Closings (Permanent*) — 7**

  • Comunidad Cristiana Cuadrangular (Modesto Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Modesto, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Englewood Foursquare Church in Englewood, Fla. (Southeast District)
  • Jesu Cristo El Buen Pastor (Raleigh Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Cary, N.C. (Southeast District)
  • La Gloria de Sion (San Bernardino Hispanic Foursquare Church) in San Bernardino, Calif. (Southwest District)
  • Ocala Foursquare Church in Ocala, Fla. (Southeast District)
  • Rejoice Christian Fellowship (Kissimmee Rejoice Foursquare Church) in Kissimmee, Fla. (Southeast District)
  • San Ramon Foursquare Simple Church Network in San Ramon, Calif. (Central Pacific District)

Church Anniversaries (50+ years) — 1

  • Lincoln Foursquare Church in Lincoln, Neb. (Gateway District)—70 years

Total U.S. Foursquare Churches — 1,675

Total Attendance of the U.S. Foursquare Churches — 246,079


Senior Pastoral Appointments to Established Foursquare Churches — 13

  • Brent Bozarth to Dayton Foursquare Church in Dayton, Md. (Mid-Atlantic District)
  • Rodney Burris to Open Hearts (Monticello Foursquare Church) in Monticello, Ill. (Heartland District)
  • Sheaden Crabtree to Solid Rock (Burney Foursquare Church) in Burney, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Wilfrid Joseph to Eglise Des Apotres (Orlando Haitian Foursquare Church) in Orlando, Fla. (Southeast District)
  • Nico Kay to Hope Chapel (Nashua Hope Foursquare Church) in Nashua, N.H. (Northeast District)
  • Albert Martinez to Life in Dallas/Vida en Dallas (Dallas Spanish Foursquare Church) in Dallas (MidSouth District)
  • Carl Moore to Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay (Windward Oahu Foursquare Church) in Kaneohe, Hawaii (Hawaii District)
  • Michael Norton to Crossroads (Appleton Foursquare Church) in Menasha, Wis. (Heartland District)
  • Bob Penberthy to Graystone Chapel (Alta Loma Foursquare Church) in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Daniel Prieto to Casa De Restaurcoin (Aurora Hispanic North Foursquare Church) in Aurora, Colo. (Gateway District)
  • Scott Smith to Camarillo Foursquare Church in Camarillo, Calif. (Pacific Coast and Valleys District)
  • Dan Ussery to Living Waters (Smithfield Foursquare Church) in Smithfield, R.I. (Northeast District)
  • Barry Wood to Molalla Foursquare Church in Molalla, Ore. (North Pacific District)

Credentialed Minister Retirements — 8

  • William Black in Oelwein, Iowa. (Heartland District)
  • Donnie Eddings in Long Beach, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Betsey Hayford in Bothell, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Jim Hayford in Bothell, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Bud Porter-Smith in Hat Creek, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Brenda Salcedo in Verona, Va. (Mid-Atlantic District)
  • David Stogsdill in Oakley, Ill. (Heartland District)
  • Ellen Stogsdill in Oakley, Ill. (Heartland District)

Total Credentialed/Licensed Ministers  — 6,577

*   Closings: Churches are permanently closed when assets are sold or transferred.
** Temporary Closings: Three churches were temporarily closed during the month of August.

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