Healthy Culture Initiative

Handbook to help guide healthy leadership protocols

In October, the Healthy Culture Task Force completed an initial draft of a Handbook for Responses to Allegations of Clergy Misconduct. The intent of this new resource is to provide clear definitions of various forms of ministerial misconduct, and outline the process for investigating and adjudicating claims made toward individuals in any layer of Foursquare leadership. The handbook also defines the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of the various stakeholders and teams who participate in this process. These protocols are designed to foster adequate checks and balances throughout the investigative process, ensure safe reporting environments, and incorporate appropriate gender and cultural representation in the composition of teams. This resource will be made available online once a final version has been approved.

Assessment and guidance from outside independent organization

In November, The Foursquare board of directors retained Guidepost, a globally acclaimed consultancy in institutional integrity practices, to offer guidance on organizational transparency, and prevention of abuse, harassment and misconduct. Guidepost has assisted denominations, churches, parachurch and nonprofit organizations with policy development, organizational assessment, investigations and training. As part of this engagement, Guidepost will perform a detailed assessment of our policies, procedures and team charters, and make recommendations for improvement as needed. This work is targeted for completion by the end of 2022 so that training and education can become the new focus in early 2023.

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