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A report from the Foursquare president, Reimagine Foursquare updates, passed bylaws and more are all included in the Foursquare 2017 business overview, which was presented to the Foursquare cabinet in March 2017. Take time to review the presentations and PDF reports from the president, national church office, Foursquare Missions International, operations, and the financial team.

Presidential report

President Glenn Burris Jr. presents five distinct goals he’s committing himself and the ICFG to over the next three years. “Before there was a denomination, there was a message.” Watch as Glenn emotionally shares with the Foursquare movement how we will continue to recapture that message as a “Spirit-led church, advancing God’s agenda, not ours.”

National church office report

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo shares how efforts toward Reimagine Foursquare’s missional objectives have led The Foursquare Church to flourish over this past year. Tammy highlights important statistics and updates so we can celebrate the fruitfulness of The Foursquare movement.

Missions Report

FMI Director Ted Vail shares that while the global church is flourishing, there are still 3.1 billion unreached people who do not have access to the gospel. Through strategic partnerships, FMI is aligning to three key areas for shared impact in global missions.

Foursquare financial report

CFO Ron Thigpenn presents selected 2016 financial highlights from the complete Treasurer’s Report and shares the outlook for 2017. Foursquare continues to be good stewards of God’s blessings for His kingdom purposes.

Operations report

COO Adam Davidson provides updates on how Foursquare is re-engineering processes to ensure the continuation of true stewardship through strategic investments and decisions to help strengthen and streamline our corporate structure.

Foursquare Foundation report

Joe Wainer from the Foursquare Foundation provides a corpus update and shares about strategic partnerships that will enable the Foundation to continue in alignment with missional priorities and financial goals.

Bylaw report

The following summarizes the amendments to Foursquare bylaws adopted during the business session at Foursquare Connection 2017, which was held in Washington, D.C.

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