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The first of a series of Foursquare district consolidations is now complete as of Sept. 1, 2014, when the Greater Los Angeles District consolidated with the Pacific Coast and Valleys District and Southwest District, based on historical district lines, to form the new Southern California District (or SoCal District) and the revised Southwest District. 

The move represents a giant leap forward in the denomination’s Reimagine initiative and the accompanying Five Stakes, specifically Stake 2, which addresses aligning the National Church Office and District Offices to a catalytic culture.

Dennis Easter, district supervisor of the new SoCal District, explains that the consolidation creates a “greater ownership of our mission to love and serve the Greater Los Angeles community by benefiting from rural, suburban and urban contexts.” Also, he says, it “will allow us to understand and communicate the Foursquare Gospel in more incarnational and meaningful ways.”

The district consolidations that are in the works not only strengthen the districts, but also allow for greater financial stewardship by allowing more money to be used on mission and less on operational costs.

The National Church Office is currently working closely with four other districts to aid in consolidation efforts at the start of next year. On Jan. 1, 2015, the Great Northern District will consolidate with the Northwest District. Also, the Mid-Atlantic District will consolidate with the Northeast District.

In addition to these changes, a Hispanic district will be formed from churches within the nation’s Southwest region, and will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2015. The official name of the district has not been chosen at this time, but further information will become available and reported as the end of the year approaches.

Earlier this year, The Foursquare Church launched new steps in its initiative to Reimagine Foursquare. Following Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, key leaders presented a series of Five Stakes to the board of directors, and work has begun in all five areas. The Five Stakes are:

  • Stake 1: Align everything Foursquare to the Great Commission (our mission).
  • Stake 2: Align the National Church Office and District Offices to a catalytic culture.
  • Stake 3: Align 100 percent of the tithe to the field (local and district).
  • Stake 4: Align Foursquare Foundation to resourcing and supporting the Foursquare mission.
  • Stake 5: Align polity to provide property options for local churches.

Foursquare leaders request prayer for continued blessings and fruitfulness for all leaders in The Foursquare Church. Further updates on Reimagine Foursquare will be posted on as information becomes available.