As pastors, our greatest privilege and responsibility is to steward the growth and development of the people God has entrusted to us. Foursquare has curated a library of actionable tools and resources around this very topic as we grow together on mission. The disciple, discover, develop and deploy leadership development resources are designed to support you in all areas of ministry as you disciple others and grow in your own discipleship journey.

Develop resources

Pathways to help you grow in knowledge and skills for your calling and assignment.


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Hero Maker by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird
Drawing on five powerful practices found in the ministry of Jesus, Hero Maker presents the key steps of apprenticeship that will build up other leaders and provide strategies for how you can activate the gifts of those around you, help others take ownership of their mission, and develop a simple scorecard for measuring your kingdom-building progress. Learn more.

The Multiplication Effect by Mac Lake
In The Multiplication Effect, Mac Lake reveals his practical, biblical, and proven strategy for addressing the leadership shortage and equipping future leaders to fulfill their kingdom mission. Learn more.

Foursquare Identity Keystones by The Foursquare Church
Covering vital aspects of what it means to be Foursquare and including topics from our Pentecostal ethos to our commitment to releasing women into all areas of ministry leadership, this offering is worthy of our careful attention. The booklet provides historical and theological context for each keystone and can serve as a foundation for study and consideration personally or as a group. Learn more.

Development plans

Plans designed to help you lead others through their development journey.

Foursquare Growth Plan (PDF download)
Research tells us that adults learn best when they seek direction for their own learning based on their passions, interests, goal setting, support, time constraints, and self-managed learning. The Foursquare Growth Plan focuses on the person of the leader, leadership competencies, skills, and Foursquare Identity Keystones. Learn more. 

Pastoral Development Plan (PDF downloads)

  • Part 1: Pastoral Development Assessment. Self-assessment for pastoral development with six specific categories of focus: personal relationship with Jesus, spiritual maturity, self-management, approaches to ministry, ministerial skills, and leadership skills. Learn more. 
  • Part 2: Pastoral Development Resources. Upon completing the Pastoral Development Assessment, discuss your answers and choose one area of intentional growth for each of the six categories. The Pastoral Development Resources provide ideas for how to set up your pastoral development plan for each of the growth areas. Learn more. 

Sent training

Foursquare training designed to help leaders develop toward specific assignments.

Multiply training
Foursquare Multiply provides church planters with a robust 2-year contextual training. Planters will be led through personal leadership development, team dynamics, community engagement, team gathering, and support through public launch. Training is completed through a combination of online learning and two in-person retreats a year. Learn more. 

Foursquare Missions International (FMI) training
From day one, Foursquare has been sending courageous people to create biblically based, culturally immersive, indigenously driven movements of the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation. Take advantage of the world-class training, a global network of leaders and churches, and long-term care for the entire life of your mission. Wherever God is leading you, and for however long, get ready to go! Learn more. 

Chaplaincy training
The Foursquare Chaplain’s goal is to be the presence of Christ in the midst of life’s crises, living the gospel in diverse environments, and sacrificially helping those in need to find wholeness hope and healing. Institutional/Industrial Chaplains work in the following environments: Fire/EMS, law enforcement, assisted living facilities, hospices, hospitals, prisons/jails, and specialized assignments. Connect with Foursquare Chaplains for more information training and support you need to pursue your call in chaplaincy. Learn more. 

Foursquare Disaster Relief training
Foursquare Disaster Relief Training is vital for anyone interested in assisting in a local, regional, or large-scale disaster, including serving with FEMA, State, County, and local disaster response teams. Learn more. 

Courses + certificates

Courses designed to help you and your team develop in your ministry competencies.

Biblical Foundations Certificate at LPU
4-part series of courses in Life Pacific University’s Certificate in Biblical Foundations program designed to sharpen your skills for pastoral ministry and teaching. Each certificate is offered for only $425 for the entire certificate. An additional application fee of $10.31 is due at the time of registration. This certificate is designed in a self-paced format that can be taken as an individual or as a group in a cohort format at the local church. Learn more. 

Education opportunities 

Life Pacific University (in-person or online)
Life Pacific University (LPU) is a WSCUC and ABHE-accredited institution of biblical higher education existing for the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace, and the world. The university is affiliated with The Foursquare Church and is committed to an enduring pentecostal mission. Since its founding in 1923, LPU has offered high-quality Christian education to learners who seek to be equipped in their vocation and their spiritual journey. Learn more. 

LPU Virginia
Life Pacific University Virginia is the extension campus of Life Pacific University. LPU is an institution of biblical higher education existing for the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world. We believe students should have access to opportunities that allow them to tap into their full potential and be all God created them to be. Learn more. 

Local church education opportunities
Visit the leadership education page and discover how Life Pacific University and local ministries are partnering together to offer an accredited and affordable online degree that integrates into a hands-on immersive training experience. Learn more.

Licensing + ordination

A credentialed minister is trusted and approved by our board of directors to perform the tasks of a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a particular ministry assignment. Credentialed ministers who have been serving for two years have the opportunity to become ordained. Learn more. 

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