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Life has an ebb and flow to it that is reflected by the writer of Ecclesiastes 3: “There is a time for everything.” Jesus experienced the roller coaster of anointing and baptism, then temptation of the enemy, followed by personal ministry by the Holy Spirit. Along our journey, we (like Christ) will experience affirmation from the Lord, often in the same season that we are buffeted by the enemy of our souls. 1 Peter 5:8 reminds us to be self-controlled and alert. Here are several ways that Satan intersects our life:

  • He often startles us. It’s a kind of saber-rattling that can invoke fear. Our response often immobilizes us and keeps us from taking the risks that are needed for significant gains in the kingdom. We end up compensating in ways that are far less life-giving and more motivated by survival.
  • He sometimes seduces us. If his tactics are successful, the lure of temptation appears more logical than the consequence of the decision and it is easy to find ourselves trapped by his plans. Because we don’t always reap in the same season that we sow, we end up making poor choices that often have disastrous results.
  • He can surprise us. This is intended to catch us off-guard and create some manner of confusion. We are then tempted to make unwise conclusions because we’re thrown off-guard by the set of circumstances we encounter. Without a clear signal from the Holy Spirit, we’re left to rationalize our way through the maze of the moment.

All of this is simply a reminder that we must constantly be on alert! Spiritually, we don’t have the luxury of living in a war-free zone. Plans are conceived every day for our demise. Thank God, we have the full compliment of the armor of God! Do some saber-rattling of your own. Take out the Sword of the Spirit and make a clear declaration: “It is written!” Then proceed into each day with full confidence that the schemes of the enemy will be exposed and the comfort of the Lord will be your companion.

In His service,


served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.