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The Foursquare Church is witnessing an outpouring of God’s grace in an extraordinary measure, and our churches and ministries around the world are testifying of a great harvest! Countries that were once considered “closed” to the gospel are experiencing an amazing visitation of the Spirit of God. Once-hard soil is softening under the power of the Holy Spirit and becoming receptive to the gospel.

In 2008 Foursquare Europe planted 17 new churches, and India, with a renewed vision for church planting, started more than 20 churches. Fiji had its first official convention and ordained 27 new pastors. God is moving in powerful ways; our prayers, along with the investments we have made in leadership development, are bearing much fruit.

Last year our overseas ministries reported the following:

  • Salvations
    2,470,219 (53% increase)
  • Water Baptisms
    628,200 (47% increase)
  • Holy Spirit Baptisms
    794,165 (82% increase)
  • Members
    3,770,789 (6% increase)
  • Churches
    57,761 (7% increase)
  • Ministers
    63,286 (3% increase)­
  • Bible Colleges/Inst.
    1,363 (191% increase)

Stats reflect overseas Foursquare totals only.

Pastor Jack Hayford, president of The Foursquare Church, commented, “I praise the Lord for His faithfulness and blessing upon our churches around the globe. Rejoice with me as we celebrate the more than 2 million new souls born into the Kingdom in 2008. That is 6,768 souls saved every day–and that does not include those born again in Foursquare churches throughout the U.S.! We have already begun to experience God’s ‘plenteous redemption.'”

Foursquare Missions International Director Jonathan Hall added his words of thanksgiving, “Last year, 2008, was a great year for our global family, and we cannot find adequate words to thank God for His abundant grace upon us. Almost 11 churches were planted every day of the year! As we celebrate the growth in our churches and ministries around the world, please continue to pray and believe with us for an even greater harvest in 2009!”

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