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The Parnell Brothers
Corey Parnell: Worship Pastor
Casey Parnell: Creative Arts Pastor
(Bend Foursquare Church)
Bend, Ore.

Brothers Corey and Casey Parnell have released CDs, performed alongside limbless inspirational evangelist Nick Vujicic and mobilized churches to serve their communities. But for Corey and Casey, nothing matters but Jesus. “Early in my life, I felt the call to ‘make Jesus famous,’ ” Casey explains, “to see Him lifted high rather than my own name.” Corey agrees. “It’s so easy to become entitled as a musician,” Corey cautions. “Instead, serve with abandon, with humility and with serious discipline. In doing so, you will join in the way of Jesus, and bring Him great glory.”


Carol Danna
Worship Pastor
The Cornerstone
(Anaheim East Foursquare Church)
Anaheim, Calif.

A veteran worship leader, Carol Danna seeks to remind believers of just how deeply Jesus loves them. While she has served as a Foursquare National Worship Committee member, sponsored dance troupe ministries and led Cornerstone alongside her husband, Rick, Carol’s current focus is children. Her skills as a songwriter aided her in the composition of three children’s music albums, and she teaches piano and gives voice lessons to kids in her community. Inspired by Psalm 145:4, she shares: “There is nothing like a 5 year old singing and playing a worship song they wrote!”


Juniece Fillingham
Worship Pastor
The Bridge
(Christiansburg Foursquare Church)
Christiansburg, Va.

This church-planting pastor, loving wife and mother of four kids believes worship is a lifestyle. “There is nothing better than sitting on the sidelines [at your kids’ games], cheering for your kids and laughing with other parents,” Juniece says. “I love how God uses those moments to build relationships with people outside the church and open opportunities for you to share your faith.” While she worships wherever she is, Juniece also intentionally builds the faith of her church members and she coaches fellow leaders. “Releasing people to do what you do,” she acknowledges, “is the greatest testament to our leadership.”


Ben Weiss
Senior Pastor
Grace Community
(Southlake Foursquare Church)
Southlake, Texas

Throughout his transitions from youth pastor to family pastor to senior pastor, Ben Weiss has valued caring for seeds the Lord has sown—even in others. When God told him not to bury the talents of his church’s youth, Ben began Fine Arts, a program for teenagers to discover creative worship through music, dance, drama and other artistic forms. Students have since appeared on NBC’s The Voice and won Life Pacific College (also called LIFE Bible College) scholarships. “Do not despise small beginnings,” Ben advises. “If you wait on Him and His timing, it will be a glorious ride with incredible fruit.”


Marla Reid
Worship and Arts Pastor
Grace to the Nations
(Tucson Grace Chapel Foursquare Church)
Tucson, Ariz.

With Spirit-filled passion, Marla Reid leads worship for her multicultural congregation. She also travels internationally, singing of God’s infinite love with TrustNU Ministries and training others in prophetic worship. Through TrustNU, she crosses boundaries of race, economic status and nations’ borders to influence individuals and communities with Christ’s salvation and life restoration. “Those He calls, He equips with mighty weapons to break down strongholds,” Marla encourages. Armed with the Word and the Spirit’s power, Marla says her greatest accomplishment is her church family’s Bilingual Worship Resurrection Choir, which represents people from over 20 different countries.

Chris Diaz
Worship Director
Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church
Los Angeles

As the son of Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church’s senior pastor, Chris Diaz directs worship for both English- and Spanish-speaking ministries at Angelus Temple. After the sad, sobering death of a close friend, Chris returned to Jesus at age 20 with the help of his older brother, Eric. Since then, Chris has determined to not simply play music, but to play skillfully as Psalm 33:3 encourages. He also urges fellow worshipers to find their voices. “When we break away from our preconceived notions of what we think worship is supposed to look like,” Chris says, “it brings greater honor to God.”


Jordan Wall
Assistant Pastor/Worship and Creative Arts
The Rock
(Kalamazoo Foursquare Church)
Portage, Mich.

“Being biracial [African American and Caucasian], I feel like my mission on this earth is to ‘bridge’ different cultures together,” Jordan Wall shares. Through his position at The Rock, his ministry focus is fulfilled daily as he uses worship and the arts to transcend cultural boundaries and unite the body of Christ. A natural team builder, Jordan inspires others to believe in God’s goodness and grace even in their lowest moments. “You don’t have to make anything happen,” he says of his worship leadership approach. “Just make room for God.”

More Worship Leaders to Know

Preston Reynolds
Worship Pastor/Life Group Coordinator
Church on the Hill
(Hillsboro Foursquare Church)
Hillsboro, Texas

Born a pastor’s kid in Baton Rouge, La., Preston Reynolds pours into people. To do this, he cooks good meals, mixes records and writes songs to welcome the presence of God.


Jason Dionne

Worship/Music Minister
The Bridge
(El Segundo Foursquare Church)
El Segundo, Calif.

Jason Dionne loves to play music for youth camps, retreats and parties hosted by church friends. His goal: to relationally connect people to God in their context, with focus on God’s glory.


Angela Dollar
Worship Leader
(Huntsville Foursquare Church)
Madison, Ala.

Her favorite instruments may have keys, but Angela Dollar manages a church-based private school for piano, vocals and drums. A soulful leader, she even views practicing as worship.


Adam Lohrbach
Creative Arts Pastor
The Bridge
(Rancho Santa Margarita South Foursquare Church)
Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

When Adam Lohrbach left his lifestyle as a popular punk band frontman, he found his calling in worship. Now he fosters a “holding nothing back” praise atmosphere and builds young leaders.


Dennis Miclau
Worship and IT Director
Portland Foursquare Church
Portland, Ore.

Well-versed in Portland’s music scene, newlywed Dennis Miclau invests in the city’s youth and its Romanian community. When he’s not teaching or leading intergenerational worship, he’s in the recording studio.


Jon Spellman
Co-Pastor/Worship Leader
Living Way
(Adairsville Foursquare Church)
Adairsville, Ga.

Jon Spellman is a devoted husband, down-to-earth dad and disciple-making musician who leads by example. His advice to fellow musicians: “Check your ego. You don’t own that position you fill.”

is the digital engagement and communications liaison at The Foursquare Church in Los Angeles.