The Western District recently defined six essential ways the District helps support Foursquare churches. District Supervisor Mark Slomka outlined the District’s usefulness as helping multiply, expand or extend, provide resources for leaders, encourage, celebrate and serve each other. Videos spotlight how Foursquare churches are serving their communities with the District’s help.¬†

Emphasizing the essential theme of “multiply,” here is an inspiring story from Ogden, Utah. NextGen leaders Meghan and Nathan Shaw of Crossroads (Ogden Foursquare Church) are actively contributing to the growth and impact of NextGen in their community and making a positive difference.

At the Foursquare Leader Conference last fall, the Western District collaborated with Thomas, Foursquare’s national leader in Kazakhstan, to partner on a fundraising initiative aimed at acquiring a new vehicle for the purpose of transporting congregants to and from church. The outcome exceeded expectations as the generous offerings enabled them to purchase not one but two vehicles. Witness this incredible miracle of expanded blessing.

Recently Pastor Jesse Sanchez of Living Word in the Desert (Indio Foursquare Church) in Indio, Calif., shared about his incredible journey of redemption, the amazing grace that has shaped his life and the joy of being part of The Foursquare Church.

Pastor Robert Guiller,  Senior Pastor at Crossroads Christian Fellowship in Ogden, UT, shares with us the opportunities that have unfolded for him as he serves the church beyond the confines of Sunday. We celebrate his well-deserved Minuteman Award, an honor bestowed upon him for his outstanding contributions to the state of Utah. Additionally, we proudly acknowledge his recent election to the city council, a testament to his commitment to civic engagement.

We aim to serve you, our Western District pastors and leaders, as you serve your local church. This week, we highlight the essential pillar of “SERVICE,” led by District Administrator Leland Rounds, who guides us through assessing eligibility for Missional Investment Funds through the HUB 2.0.