Foursquare Ministers Yaseer and Monique Handall have learned to do for people what Jesus says they need and not merely to solve the people’s perceived problems.

In this video from Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., Pastor Nate Poetzl tells how Yaseer taught him to see beyond the surface needs of others. Nate said that he saw a person who needed money for gas, but Yaseer saw a broken man who needed Jesus. It’s a moving story that every Christian leader should hear because most of us would do the same thing Nate did.

Nate believes Yaseer and Monique live like the Book of Acts is happening in the present. Their full obedience to the voice of God can be overlooked in the busyness of ministry, but the Handalls have learned to bring life-altering transformation to others.

“God has called us and equipped us, so we’re going to do it,” said Yaseer. He and Monique believe any Christian can do it, too.

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