In January 2024, Foursquare President Randy Remington shared with leaders in the Central District about what it looks like to strive towards a holistic, healthy ministry. Listen as Pastor Randy shares the keys to living out a sustained ministry life.

Prior to being inaugurated in 2020, Pastor Randy’s broad range of experience included serving as a senior pastor of churches in Oregon and Washington, a missionary worker to Jamaica and a youth pastor in Oregon and Wyoming. On this call, he offered practical principles for how to live a healthy, well-balanced life through the various seasons of ministry.

“Ministry is a means in which I can know Jesus more.” —Pastor Randy Remington

Tuesday Tune-ups are monthly virtual calls hosted by the Central District that offer practical, tangible, immediately actionable training content for pastors and leaders in the District. These calls can be helpful for any type of role in the local church context (lead pastor, assistant minister, non-licensed ministry leader, emerging leader, etc.) and can apply to NextGen, Women in Ministry, Multiethnic Ministries, etc.