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Foursquare South Pacific Area Missionary Jerry Stott says that when Jesus told us in Acts 1:8 to evangelize “the ends of the earth,” He must have been referring to the South Pacific. In this QuickTalk recorded during Foursquare Connection 2013, Jerry relates in rapid-fire testimony just how the Holy Spirit is bringing revival to the South Pacific.

South Pacific Area Missionary Jerry Stott is a passionate voice for the harvest. His effervescence is contagious, and he very quickly packs every second of this QuickTalk, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2013, with inspiration.

Jerry tells of praying for a little boy whose leg had been crushed when it was run over by a truck. The boy was at the end of a line of people seeking healing from the Lord. As Jerry laid his hands on the little boy and prayed, everyone around them heard the sound of bones realigning in the boy’s leg. He began shouting that the pain was gone.

The area missionary also tells about a father whose two daughters had been expelled from school because their demonic manifestations were becoming an interruption to the other students. Foursquare leaders prayed for the girls and cast out the demons. The father was so grateful that he immediately called for Foursquare people to help destroy the pagan altars that were in his home. Now his home is the site of a Foursquare church that is reaching others with the love of Christ.

Recorded live at Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., this video is sure to inspire you and your church leaders. Perfect for showing on a weekend service emphasizing missions, it will move and embolden people in their commitment to reach people around the world who need Christ.

Play this video clip, “Jerry Stott: Miracles Today,” for your church.

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