In February 2024 Central District Area Pastor Curt Brunk shared about what it looks like to prepare teaching and messages for kingdom impact. In this Tuesdsay Tune-up, Curt shares some of his testimony of 30-plus years in ministry and what he’s learned about preaching.

Curt was shocked to suddenly meet the Lord at 19 years old while experiencing a legendary year of skiing in Vail, Colo. Just as completely life-changing was being baptized in the Holy Spirit a few years later. This led to the start of a Christian publishing company that grew to 60 employees across 12 divisions. Then the Lord led Curt and his wife, Julie, to Regent University in Virginia, where he earned master’s degrees in Systematic Theology and communications (emphasis in philosophy).

Having turned down many invitations to preach, one Sunday evening Curt said yes. In the 10 steps it took to get to the pulpit, the Lord revealed that not only would this be what he would do for the rest of his life, but also that God would use absolutely everything in his life to bring others to the kingdom.

In more than 30 years of pastoring—including 22 at Lake Samm in Bellevue, Wash.—Curt has found that more than anything he enjoys helping others preach to transform. By marrying how the brain experiences life-changing “aha moments” and the three-act structure of screenwriting, a preacher can make a real difference in the lives of those God places before us for a precious few minutes.