The past week has served as a compelling demonstration of a Christ-empowered community. The Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) response team worked in coordination with local leaders, churches, and Foursquare Chaplains on the ground to instill a sense of hope amidst the widespread destruction faced by the people of Maui. Your generosity and prayers have been the driving forces behind it all.

Ministry to first responders + fire victims

The physical damage caused by the fires paints an outward picture of the turmoil that has affected hearts in Maui. Emotional and spiritual care have become crucial in this phase of the response. The FDR team is fully invested in providing support to people during this time of grieving.

Partnership with local business

The FDR team was excited to join David and Linda at Papi’s Ohana, a local pizzeria and bakery. Papi’s is generously distributing free pizza and cinnamon rolls to the community.

Aiding displaced community members

FDR collaborated with New Hope Maui to assist in relocating a displaced Lahaina local family from their church community to a new home.

This is your generosity in action.

Please give to the Ready Fund + intercede for our Foursquare community in Hawaii and all residents impacted by these wildfires.

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Tools to help you rally your community

Pastors + leaders, please use these free downloads to continue sharing with your community at church this weekend or on your church or personal social media feeds.

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