This is our task

Take a look back at Sister Aimee Semple McPherson’s prophetic sermon “This Is My Task,” first preached in 1939. (2 minutes)

Even as Foursquare celebrates our first 100 years as a movement, we are aware that our work is not yet finished. We must continue pressing forward with the gospel message in new and fresh ways while remaining true to God’s call on our lives. Be inspired by these three videos that take a look at how we continue to move ahead while honoring our past.


This continues to be our task

President Randy Remington honors specific points in Foursquare’s history and encourages us to stay committed to our collective mission of taking the whole gospel to the whole world. (20 minutes)

During his talk, Pastor Randy notes that Foursquare has 2,000 churches. This includes churches, congregations, chaplain congregations, churches in the pipeline and Multiply.


Pastor Sheeba shares God’s task for her life

Sheeba Dawood, Ph.D., is among the pastors and leaders who are advancing the gospel in new and fresh ways. Sheeba, a church planter and a scientist, shares her testimony. (5 minutes)