In this video, Foursquare Disaster Relief director Jay Bean shares how FDR is partnering with local Foursquare leaders in the DRC.

For over two decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered from relentless civil war, resulting in violence and oppression.

Especially targeting women, this violence perpetuates a cycle of endless suffering, displacing 6.3 million internally and forcing 1 million to flee the country. Approximately 6 million have died since 1996—a number many consider to be a vast underestimate. Alongside this conflict, the country faced a historic natural disaster in 2023: torrential rains causing the Congo River to swell and flood, displacing around 500,000 people, including members of our own Foursquare community.

Just last week, we received distressing news from Foursquare national leader Apostle Constant Damba Onasaka, of a bombing in the eastern region of the DRC, specifically in Goma at a refugee camp. This tragic incident claimed the lives of multiple members of a Foursquare congregation and left many injured.

Foursquare DRC, under the leadership of national leader Apostle Constant Damba Onasaka, is partnered with Foursquare Disaster Relief to provide ongoing care for their nation, including the distribution of food to refugee camps + medical care through the local FDR medical team. Challenges are perpetual thus the need for financial support persists.

How you can get involved

In addition to giving, one of the most powerful things you + your community can do is pray. Please use the Church Action Kit below to share the DRC response with your church + partner with the work God is doing amid our Foursquare family in distress.