1 Timothy with Nate Poetzl

What does the Bible teach us about women in senior leadership? What does it mean to be “saved through childbearing”? Learn alongside Nate Poetzl, senior pastor of Faith Chapel (Billings Foursquare Church) in Billings, Mont., as he unpacks the cultural context and biblical understanding of 1 Timothy 2:9-15. (50 minutes)


We are better together

Wendy Nolasco, vice president and general supervisor of The Foursquare Church, shares her ministry journey and the invitation to get back to our essential mission. She reminds us that we are better together and that, together, we will take the message of the gospel to the ends of the Earth. (38 minutes)


Face-to-face with suffering

In 2022 Chantal Edler, co-lead pastor at Yakima Foursquare Church, received a cancer diagnosis. She transparently shares her journey of pain and the decision to point people to Jesus along the way. Her message reminds us that the power of the gospel meets people in the seasons of pain and brokenness. If we have to go through the fire of refinement, let’s not waste it. (6 minutes)

Hear more of Chantal’s story in the third episode of the Same Jesus podcast.


Empowering women in senior leadership

In the fourth episode of the Same Jesus podcast, Russell Joyce and A.J. Swoboda take a look at how Foursquare empowers all people regardless of gender, geography, age or culture. This includes celebrating women in senior leadership, raising up local indigenous leaders, and recognizing those who have different gifts, whether old, young, son or daughter. (40 minutes)

Looking to learn more about Foursquare’s commitment to women in leadership?

Purchase the Women in Ministry Leadership book. This resource unpacks the scriptural basis, rationale and explanation behind The Foursquare Church’s commitment to release women, as equals to men, for godly leadership in Christ’s church, including as senior pastors and lead missionaries.

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