Build for the future

We’re called to look to the future and fight for the next generation. Aaron Hunter, global associate director for the Americas, shares a powerful message for what he calls the “now generation.” He challenges us to have a larger vision for emerging leaders, help them encounter God, equip them and release them now. He reminds us that it’s okay to celebrate the past, but we must also build for the future. (53 minutes)


The healing power of Jesus

Isaac Stone shares his story of encountering the healing power of Jesus. The testimony of his hearing being miraculously restored reminds us that Jesus is powerfully at work as healer for all generations. (2 minutes)


The DNA of Foursquare

Kimberly Dirmann shared a crucial message around Foursquare’s heritage and our responsibility to carry the truth from one generation to the next. Just as common DNA doesn’t mean we all look alike, it does mean that in order for a movement to be fruitful and multiply, the DNA God gave us must be present and active.


Youth leading worship at Connection 2023

Young leaders at Foursquare Connection 2023 take the stage and lead us in worship. The moment gives us a glimpse into the power of equipping and releasing young leaders to lead now. We celebrate that God is building His church with leaders of all ages. (35 minutes)


The next generation reaching the next generation

Antonio Sims, district supervisor of the Central District, interviews Kerris Norfleet at Foursquare Connection 2023. Kerris, a young leader, shares her insights and experience as a ministry leader. She challenges the seasoned leaders in our movement to listen well as we partner alongside one another and equip the next generation. (7 minutes)


Generations of disciples

Whether hosting a backyard revival or filling an MLB stadium, Nicole Stark, a youth leader at The Rock (Anaheim Foursquare Church) in Anaheim, Calif., talks with Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann about the fruit of Bible-based discipleship. They celebrate what happens when we are faithful to disciple generations. (13 minutes)


The young and the old in harmony

Brandon Ahu, senior pastor of Metro Christian Church (Honolulu Metropolitan Foursquare Church) in Honolulu, gives an impassioned (and humorous) plea for different generations to stop comparing and complaining, and instead come together in harmony of purpose and mission. He reminds us that, regardless of age, we are all on the playing field together. (33 minutes)


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