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Foursquare President Glenn C. Burris Jr. and the board of directors are pleased to announce that Ted Vail will be appointed to the role of vice president of global operations for Foursquare U.S. and director of Foursquare Missions International (FMI).

Currently FMI’s associate director, Ted will replace Jim Scott, who has led Foursquare’s missions focus since 2010. Ted will take on the role of director, while Jim will remain on the FMI team as the associate director. The seamless transition, coming in September, has been welcomed by Foursquare’s president for its “creative and forward-thinking direction,” says Glenn.

In his new role, Ted will assume responsibility for overseeing Foursquare U.S.’s 11 area missionaries and more than 100 workers serving around the world, where Foursquare has a presence in 140 countries and a total of around 75,000 churches.

Ted comes to the position from a wide-ranging missions background. Serving in Japan and Mexico as a young believer, he later became missions and young adult pastor at New Life Center (Everett Foursquare Church) in Everett, Wash. In 2001, he was named FMI’s first area missionary to North America, and its associate director in 2011.

With a master’s degree in global leadership and a doctorate in intercultural studies from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Ted says he is honored by the appointment. He pays tribute to Jim’s years of service, during which time, Ted notes, Foursquare’s commitment to missions partnership with churches in other parts of the world was renewed and refreshed.

“His leadership has given us good momentum and put us in a good spot as we look ahead,” affirms Ted. “Despite the seeming increase in adversity in the world, I am very optimistic that this is a season when not only will the gospel flourish through the nations, but also that The Foursquare Church has a very distinct and important role to play.”

Before overseeing FMI, Jim once intended to serve overseas himself; he and his wife, Melinda, had been due to be deployed to Asia but were called to remain in the U.S. to take on leadership responsibilities at home instead. In addition to pastoring, he previously served as district supervisor of the Southern California and Northeast Districts. He was also assistant general supervisor and vice president of regional operations, chief operating officer, an advisor to Foursquare Church Multiplication, part of the adjunct faculty at Life Pacific College (also called LIFE Bible College) and a member of the Foursquare board of directors.

Jim says that Ted has been “prepared by the Holy Spirit for this new season of leadership” and is “a wonderful husband and father, an exceptional visionary leader, a proven missionary with global experience who loves missionaries and is passionate about the mission of God. I’m anticipating a great harvest to the glory of God for FMI and The Foursquare Church.”

Continuing as associate director is “a happy surprise,” Jim says. While details of his and Melinda’s responsibilities are still being determined, “can there be anything more important and rewarding than contributing to the completion of the Great Commission? We are so excited for the days ahead.”

The unusual transition highlights “the sometimes unseen or under-regarded power of relationship” that will continue to drive FMI as it partners with U.S. churches and other Foursquare nations, explains Ted. “We want to be part of what the Holy Spirit is doing in mobilizing the whole Foursquare family to be on mission in some way or another—whether that is in urban centers in the U.S., reaching people there from other nations, or going to the nations themselves.”

Ted and his wife, Dawn, have three children and live in Colorado, where Ted has served as senior pastor first of Longmont Foursquare Church, and then of Boulder Flatirons Foursquare Church, with Dawn being a vital part of the pastoral team. His other roles have included divisional superintendent of Hispanic churches, director of Urban and Multicultural Ministries (UMC) in the U.S. and international director of Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR).

“The healthiest transitions involve transparency, chemistry and trust,” says Glenn. “‘Seamless’ is the word that best describes the transition in FMI. When no egos are involved, when the future is important to secure, and when leaders see transition as a way to ignite a fresh, new season, you experience kingdom health and growth. Jim and Ted are righteous, men of integrity, and servant-hearted leaders. The future of FMI remains bright under their continued partnership.”