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Are you overworked and stressed out? Do you lack energy and the physical ability to do your job? De Rockwell, care and family health facilitator for the Gateway District, says you are not alone, even among Foursquare ministers. In this Quick Talk recorded at Connection 2013, she shares what they have done in the Gateway District to help leaders live healthier, happier lives.

In this Quick Talk recorded during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., De Rockwell, care and family health facilitator for the Gateway District, shares the four steps she and her husband, Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell, are taking in their district to address the personal health and longevity of ministry leaders.

“We can’t be spiritually healthy if we are anxious and depressed,” De contends.

She became concerned as she listened to pastors talk about their personal lives. Many of the ministers suffered from a lack of sleep and growing depression. De began to address these issues in the Gateway District by asking pastors to honestly evaluate their own circumstances.

“We asked them how they were doing—outside of ministry,” she notes.

De wanted people to think about how much time they were spending with their families, and if they were putting the same time and energy into their personal relationships as they were the ministry. She wanted them to consider taking time off, even on a weekend, just to take better care of themselves. She was pleased with the response of leaders in their district and their willingness to make some necessary changes to ensure better health and longevity.

In this session, De describes some of the success stories that she and Sam are hearing from ministry leaders who are making their personal health a priority. She says the goal is to “see more of our pastors energized for the ministry, and to see them finish their race well, healthy and whole.”

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