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In Luke 22, we catch a glimpse of the disciples arguing about which of them was the greatest. Jesus told them that the kingdom is upside down: The greatest should be the humble servant.

When church culture becomes more about jostling for position and less about serving one another, we become misaligned. That misalignment leaves us cut off from the flow of God’s powerful grace.

Fernando Castillo, supervisor of the Pacific Southwest District, delivered a stirring meditation on grace drawn from the words of 1 Peter 5. Speaking at Foursquare Connection 2016 in Honolulu, he declared: “There is an amazing power that is reserved not for the proud, but for the humble. That power is grace!”

Watch the full session and learn about the power of grace. See why Foursquare ministers must be walking in the way of humility to stay connected to God’s empowering grace.

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