In March 2023, the Central District gathered together regionally for a special training on Church Revitalization in Uncertain Times. This was a powerful time for church leaders and pastors to lean into the work that God is doing in their churches. These resource videos are now available to all Foursquare churches.

Foursquare Ministers Jessie Cruickshank and Justin Manzey share with us the four keys to revitalizing our churches. These five sessions discuss the following topics below at roundtables:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your team
  3. Know your church
  4. Know your community

This is an opportunity to lean into listening to what the Holy Spirit is doing to revitalize the work He has started in our faith communities. Gather a team together and discover what new things God is doing in the church.

Follow along with the corresponding workbook: Regional Event 2023 Workbook (PDF download).