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Becky and Katy Yuschak loved their life in Cranford, N.J. They lived in a nice, safe neighborhood across the street from their aunt. Their parents, Karen and Paul, were successful and provided a nice lifestyle for the girls.

But then God gave Karen and Paul Yuschak a heart for the inner city.

“I felt betrayed,” remembers Katy, when her parents announced they weren’t just going to serve the inner city of Elizabeth, N.J.—they were going to move there.

“When we read our Bible lessons, God always said he would give us the desires of our heart,” Katy continues. “We were sacrificing for Him by … taking a Saturday and going to give soup to people, so I thought God would honor that. But instead, He was like, ‘No let’s move to Elizabeth; let’s give up everything you have.’ “

Watch the Yuschaks’ full story about their transition to StreetLight Church (Elizabeth Foursquare Church) in Elizabeth, N.J., and how the Yuschak family has come together to love the local people living in this impoverished area. A DVD that includes the Yuschaks’ story Share this and other Power of One stories with your small group or congregation

Share this and other Power of One stories with your small group or congregation.

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