Under the leadership of former President Glenn Burris Jr., Reimagine united our hearts, redistributed our resources and pointed us to the Great Commission. It laid the foundation for a united global movement ready to lean into who we are (identity) and expectant for where we are headed (mission).

In Sept. 2020, newly elected President Randy Remington laid out his four spiritual priorities:

  1. Prayer
  2. Discipleship
  3. Health
  4. Together

These were built on the momentum of Reimagine and the stewardship for where we’re headed, together. Together aligns our mission, recognizes our realities, and rallies us to more Four Priorities disciples and leaders.

“What if our prayer life is more important than our preaching and leadership life? What if our private life with God became the root system of our public ministry?” —Randy Remington, president of The Foursquare Church

Priority: Prayer

Prayer is about spiritual vitality, hearing God’s voice, birthing and sustaining ministry, spiritual warfare, miraculous ministry, and being people of His presence. Jesus was preeminently a person of prayer, and we want to follow His example and to fulfill the declaration, “for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” (Isaiah 56:7b). Pastor Randy Remington made it clear from the time he was a presidential candidate that prayer is his top priority. He not only personally leads out of prayer, but he has strategically shaped and led our annual 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting corporate time of prayer throughout Foursquare, in addition to elevating the Global Prayer Network and dedicating in-person time to prayer during Foursquare Connection each morning.

Priority: Discipleship

As Foursquare builds a culture of prioritizing discipleship, expect to see the Four-Stage missiology prioritized. Leaders will also find personal discipleship opportunities through continued learning at both Foursquare Connection and district events, and starting at the NextGen level (cradle through college) through ForeRunners (retired ministers).

Priority: Health

In 2020, President Glenn Burris Jr. transitioned the Foursquare movement to Randy in financial and departmental health. Randy’s third priority set Foursquare’s sites on continued organizational and leadership health. He stated: “We want our inner life to be congruent with our outer life. We want to walk in the light as He is in the light, and we want to lead from a place of being transformed into His likeness.”

In addition to realigning national departments and districts in 2021 to become a distributed One Team that serves local leaders and churches, at Foursquare Connection 2022, Foursquare established five healthy essential milestones to enhance organizational transparency and prevention of abuse, harassment and misconduct in the ministry context to continue the practice of healthy leadership and care.

Priority: Together

The priority of Together is beyond organizational and operational. It’s a relational and collaborative expression of what it means to be and bring the kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven. As Randy stated: “Biblically speaking, unity isn’t the absence of conflict but the presence of a reconciling spirit continually at work.” Being back together after a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic culminated in Foursquare Connection and Foursquare Leader Conferences in 2022.

Then, in 2023, leaders from around the world came together in Southern California to celebrate the Foursquare Centennial during Foursquare Connection and the Global Summit. This time together not only reconnected leaders to one another, but also to our common shared mission that has been alive and well since Foursquare’s start.

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