Nakisha Wenzel
Nakisha Wenzel

So many of us struggle to see where we fit into the big picture.

The body of Christ is massive and ever expanding. Millions of precious souls are welcomed into this wonderful family each year. Champions of the faith have dedicated their lives, and even now, many are continuing the mission of selfless ministry and worldwide evangelism.

So, where do we fit in?

I believe God has called each of us—men, women, youth and even children—to the front lines of evangelism, as He did in Matt. 10:7-8.

Each day, amazing kids and students are shining the light of Jesus Christ and transforming the culture at their schools.

Adults are being used to minister hope at their jobs: praying for those who need healing, sharing words of knowledge and words of wisdom, providing encouragement and walking in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We are called to be the church wherever we go and with whomever crosses our paths.

If you struggle to see where you fit in the big picture, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you go about your day. Approach mundane tasks with expectancy. And view your errands as opportunities to advance the “power of the kingdom” (Matt. 10:8, TPT).

Prayer + Reflection

  1. Ask God to give you a greater understanding of our identity as members of the body of Christ.
  2. Ask the Lord for a heightened sensitivity to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Ask, and God will provide opportunities to pray, prophesy, contend for healing and see breakthroughs outside the walls of our churches. With boldness, let’s ask Him to move at our jobs, in our neighborhoods and throughout our communities.
  4. Please pray for those who are affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19. Ask God to halt the spread of the disease, to comfort and heal those who are sick or caring for the sick and to provide for all the needs of those who may be quarantined or unable to work.

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serves on The Foursquare Church cabinet and is the senior pastor of King’s City Church (Kings Mountain Foursquare Church) in Kings Mountain, N.C.