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My name is Kevin Harrub. My wife, Staci, and I, along with our children, Noah and Grace, are a part of New Song Christian Fellowship, a Foursquare church in Louisville, Ky., pastored by Jeff and Tracy Lamont.

When we first moved to Louisville, we found ourselves looking for “our church.” We visited one Christian church, where we actually found ourselves in tears, because it just wasn’t home. Our best friends (the husband is actually a Foursquare chaplain) suggested we visit New Song. So we did.

We loaded up the van and found our way to the church. Because I was raised a P.K. (preacher’s kid) in the Methodist church, and most recently a member of a Presbyterian church, Staci was a little concerned about how I would respond in a church that was more charismatic than my past church environments and experiences. Well …

The service ended. We made our way to our car. Not much was said until we were pulling out of the parking lot. We looked at each other, and we both said, “Well, what did you think?”

I think we were both afraid of saying, “This is it!” Surely it would take more than one service for us to settle on our new church home? But with surprising ease I said, “I believe we have found our church.” The worship was passionate, the preaching was relevant and biblical, and the love of Jesus in the body appeared totally authentic. I had finally found a church body that from all appearances was totally sold out to Jesus, and we felt at home. Our lives would never be the same!

New Song has changed our lives in many ways. Our spiritual maturity has increased, and our giftings have surfaced and developed. Staci serves as one of the prayer warriors on our ministry team. She volunteers with children’s church and works as an administrative assistant in our homeschool academy, aptly named New Song Christian Academy (NSCA). Noah and Grace both attend NSCA. I have volunteered with our youth ministry, been a member of our church council and worship team, and am currently the worship leader at New Song.

We are not the same folks that we were before we walked into the family room at New Song Christian Fellowship. Our God and our church have changed our lives; it has impacted how we relate to each other, our children and the world around us. Our hope is that your church is doing the same! If it is, tell someone about it!

and his family are a part of New Song Christian Fellowship, a Foursquare church in Louisville, Ky., pastored by Jeff and Tracy Lamont.