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Foursquare’s area missionary to Japan, Corey (last name withheld for security reasons), has been in daily contact with the Japanese Foursquare national leadership. He will soon be traveling in Japan to assess the denomination’s relief plans. At that time, he will meet with Foursquare Missions personnel and representatives from relief agencies who have expressed a desire to partner with Foursquare in disaster relief.

“We desire to aid in material and economic recovery,” says Corey, “as well as in the spiritual redevelopment of communities through a holistic proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Corey will be providing Foursquare with a list of opportunities, ranging from prayer points and giving opportunities to the implementation of short-term teams to aid in the rebuilding efforts.

It is still difficult to travel throughout affected areas. Sections of highways and roads are open to local Japanese residents, but many portions are still closed to all but emergency and military vehicles. People in the most affected areas are not only faced with the loss of spouses, children, extended family members and neighbors, but also the loss of their homes and livelihood.

“Your prayers and patience are greatly needed as we plan and prepare to fulfill our part in God’s plan for the nation of Japan,” Corey tells “Our church families in Japan have expressed their gratitude for all of the messages and communications from everyone who is offering assistance through prayer and financial gifts, as well as for those volunteering to travel to Japan to help.”

It is Corey’s desire that people in the Foursquare family continue to fervently pray, and he notes that all monetary gifts will be directed at the most pressing needs. Also, he explains, both short-term and long-term planning is underway for relief and assistance to those on the ground, and he will offer updates as plans for this unfold. Although the doorway for short-term teams is currently open to qualified first responders only, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) is compiling a list of those individuals who believe they are called to go and help in this vast undertaking.

Steve Niksarian, FMI missionary to Japan in Sendai, reports that at the time of this writing, two weeks have passed since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit eastern Japan. He wants everyone to know that he is safe and that everyone in his church and neighborhood are doing fine.

The epicenter, which was located 45 miles off the coast of Sendai, triggered a tsunami that struck within minutes. The vast, overwhelming damage, images of which have been broadcast around the world, was not caused as much by the shaking of the earthquake as by the tsunami. The cities and towns near the coast have suffered indescribable devastation.

Steve lives about 12 miles inland, and told FMI that by looking at the outward appearance of his neighborhood, there is little evidence of damage. They were without electricity for three days and without running water for one week. Stores were closed for most of the first week, and people made do with whatever food and supplies they had in their homes. Things are gradually becoming available, and people are now able to buy almost everything they need, with the exception of gasoline.

Corey, Steve, and all of the Foursquare churches and missions personnel in Japan deeply appreciate the prayers and support—both of which are greatly needed at this time—of the Foursquare family in the U.S. Please continue to pray specifically for:

  • All of those affected by this tragedy in Japan.
  • Wisdom, as leaders seek the Lord for His plan in Foursquare’s relief efforts to the people of this nation.
  • Resources and finances to aid in the rebuilding and recovery for Foursquare churches.

If you would like to give to the relief efforts in Japan, log on to Or you can mail a donation by sending your check, designated to Japan Relief, to:

Foursquare Missions International
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