Pentecostal Education, a journal of World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education (WAPTE), semiannually e-publishes scholarly and practical articles related to theological education within the Pentecostal tradition. It is intentionally practical, applied, and international. The Fall 2023 issue celebrates 100 years of The Foursquare Church with guest editor Gary Matsdorf, a credentialed minister perhaps best known for his international work with Disciple Leadership Training (DLT).

Dedicated to The Foursquare Church, the Fall 2023 issue explores the history, ministries and guiding theologies of the Foursquare movement within the body of the Church. Gary Matsdorf and key Foursquare leaders share Foursquare’s story and offer new insights from our movement’s first century.

Explore the wide range of articles from Foursquare scholars. From 100-year history with S. David Moore, to Foursquare Missiology with Ted Vail, D.I.S., to the challenges of reconciliation with Jennifer Thigpenn. These conversations and more are available to read at no cost in the recently published 2023 Pentecostal Education

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