That Was Embarrassing

Despite it having been 40 years since I played with the Seattle Mariners, I still get baseball cards sent to me in the mail to sign and mail back to people. It’s amazing to me that people are still sending them.

When Mark Slomka pulled one of my signed baseball cards out on the first day of our Regional Connect events, I couldn’t believe he’d found one! But what really tipped me over was when he announced he wanted to auction it off to help support Foursquare Disaster Relief’s efforts in and around Ukraine. I wanted to crawl under the table from embarrassment. When he continued to bring the card out every day during the event tour, I decided to just leave the room.

My card is not worth much in the baseball memorabilia market. It’s probably worth a nickel. However, during our Regional Connects, the auction bids went into the hundreds and thousands of dollars. Of course, it wasn’t about my card at all. It was about the people of Ukraine and how we can help them together through the work of Foursquare Disaster Relief. Our little auction raised $8,750 to provide supplies and care to Ukraine through Foursquare Disaster Relief.Thank you for your compassion toward and help for our churches in Ukraine and bordering nations. We are Jesus’ hands and feet during this crisis. Let’s pray passionately and give sacrificially.

Love you all.
– Edler

Ukraine Response Relief Efforts

Foursquare Disaster Relief is continuing to actively respond to the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia's war against Ukraine. Continue to share the need for prayer and giving to FDR Ukraine relief efforts. This updated Church Action Kit includes NEW prayer points, videos + social posts to use as you guide your congregation in partnering with this critical response. DOWNLOAD UPDATED KIT

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