Glenn Burris Jr.

When Samuel was a young boy, he encountered a voice, outside of his own, that would mark his life. While King Saul listened to his own voice, to his sad demise, Samuel had mastered the art of listening to a voice that would never mislead or misdirect him—the voice of God.

We all know that David (giant slayer and anointed king) became a central figure in the history of Israel’s prominence. But it was Samuel who was used by God to publicly affirm what God was doing and saying. Samuel did so after a process of determining God’s choice and will. Public affirmation of divine preferences is significant, and always critical to future celebration and partnerships.



The art of listening is often underrated. Especially in a world where the loudest voice or the most prominent ones often get the platform or the microphone. But Samuel’s life illuminates the value of paying attention to and discerning what’s being said, especially by God, in the intimacy and kairos moments of our journey.

We’ve often turned leadership choices into a reflection of our opinions and preferences. We’re human, and choosing what or who we like is a clear indication that we often begin with what “my” preference would be. That’s the political persuasion of our world in this present day. But if we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that we most desperately need to hear from God (like Samuel did) to know who God’s hand of favor and grace is resting on.

Because God knows the future and we do not, He is most qualified to lead us to choices that best serve us and God’s mission, as well as prepare us for what is ahead. It serves us best when we don’t lean into our own preferences, but rather, to the divine will of the Father.

I’m confident that God will speak. I’m confident that we will hear and discern His voice. I’m confident that the future is filled with promise and expansion.


To that end, Foursquare is preparing for a presidential ratification. In March, the cabinet met, prayed, discussed and prayed some more, seeking discernment over the Lord’s will. They have recommended Randy Remington’s name for ratification. Now, the convention voting body will prayerfully consider Randy’s ratification for a second term of five years.

I’m confident that God will speak. I’m confident that we will hear and discern His voice. I’m confident that the future is filled with promise and expansion.

Debbie and I have personally walked through three elections and a ratification. We were so blessed by the prayer support, and even understood when God had a different future than we had imagined.



I would like to call us to prayer and listening, that the Lord would recenter each of us even in the midst of what might feel like election noise and stress.

Pray for the convention voting body. Pray for Randy and Sandy Remington. Pray for The U.S. Foursquare Church. Pray for the global Foursquare Church, as they are impacted by our decisions. We want and need to know the Father’s will.

Your prayers are important. Your voice is important. Your vote is important. But our willingness and ability to hear God’s voice is the most important thing of all. Speak, Lord, Your servants are listening!

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.