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Can you imagine being in a room for a week with 40 Rabbis?!?

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this week—ministering to and mentoring a group of 40 Messianic Jewish pastors who constituted this month’s 4 and a half day module at the Jack W. Hayford School of Pastoral Nurture. It’s been great!

It’s particularly appropriate in view of our Foursquare church family’s impending convention in Jerusalem. It also became something of a confirmation to me of our Father’s concern for His ancient people the Jews, and the Land He covenanted to them ages ago.

This second prayer communiqué to you (in as many weeks) is written to urge our united quest before God’s Throne—seeking His presence and inviting His power to fall upon the more than 2,500 of us who will be in Israel this July! It also includes this request: I’m asking that EVERY Foursquare pastor and leader would pray: “Lord, LET MY HEART GO TO ISRAEL!”

I was impressed by the Spirit to pray that for you—especially, for each of our leaders who will not be making the trip at this time. My impression is that the Lord’s answer to that prayer (1) will awaken a distinct sense of God’s prophetic purposes in YOU, just as His Holy Spirit is clearly fulfilling prophecies there; and (2) will stir fresh insights into God’s Word, just as a visit there has a way of doing that—when you see biblical sights.

So, as we move beyond this week’s National Pastor’s Leadership Summit, and as we move toward Pentecost (May 27), partnering in fasting and prayer from Sunday night, May 20 through Saturday afternoon, May 26, I want to add our intercession for our nation. We are in an hour of obvious need at multiple points in America’s life. As discernment or felt concerns come to you, share it with me: We’ll frame a prayer list for that week and make it available nationally.

In that spirit of mutual sharing of our insights toward prayer-partnering, please read this letter written to me by Pastor Dan Hicks, a member of your International Board. It’s worthy of all our consideration (even though, as you see, he has addressed it to us on the Board). And incidentally…I’m happy to be able to say to you, without hesitation, that a spiritually passionate atmosphere encompasses our Board as a team, shapes the spirit of our meetings, and keeps you close to our hearts as we deal with those matters concerning our church family. Dan’s letter reflects that: it’s another good reason for me to send it.

By: Pastor Jack Hayford, president

(1934-2023) was the former president of The Foursquare Church and founding pastor of The Church On The Way.