Pray for Ukraine

Today, we come to you from Foursquare Europe with an urgent need for prayer for Ukraine and Russia. As you are aware, Russia invaded Ukraine just hours ago. We are in a volatile situation that may last for weeks, months, or even several years.

Foursquare has works in both Ukraine and Russia, and I am in regular communication with both of those national leaders. Last night, Dmitriy Mason, national leader of Foursquare Ukraine, shared with me that he could hear explosions in Kyiv. Other pastors in other cities are hearing explosions too. Alexander Pashchenko, who serves as the national leader of Foursquare Russia, told me this morning that he is heartbroken over the situation.

This weekend, they made the following joint statement:

“We, the Foursquare Churches in Ukraine and Russia, request that our global Foursquare family join us in praying for our two nations in this critical time. We believe Jesus Christ unites us in a Gospel of Peace that transcends political and national interests. We ask that you stand with us in prayer that God will grant us the blessings of peace, prosperity, and a great harvest of souls in the Gospel in Russia and Ukraine.”

Dmitriy Mason, National Leader, Foursquare Ukraine
Alexander Pashchenko, National Leader, Foursquare Russia

As the body of Christ, our bonds transcend national identities and political affiliations. We have friends and family on both sides of this war. Here are a few things we are asking of you:

  1. Be fervent in prayer for this situation. We pray for peace.
  2. Be a non-anxious presence of Christ that transcends human conflict.
  3. Be careful about what you post online. It is not the time for further political polarization, strange conspiracy theories, and scoring partisan points.
  4. Together, let’s stay focused on the main thing: The Gospel.

Pray also for our FMI workers in Russia (names withheld), as well as all our FMI workers in Europe. Pray protection over them and that the Lord will give them wisdom and strength to walk wisely in these dangerous times.

I have also been in communication with Foursquare Disaster Relief. We are in the initial discussions about how we can help our global family serve those who will suffer most because of this violence. We will keep you informed of how you can pray, give and offer other assistance.

serves Foursquare Missions International as the Global Associate Director of Europe.