Ted Vail, D.I.S.
Ted Vail, D.I.S.

The COVID-19 crisis is no respecter of age, race or religion. One of the saddest realities to come from this pandemic has been the growing numbers of Foursquare pastors around the world who are facing food insecurity.

Many of you have already partnered with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) and Foursquare Disaster Relief’s (FDR) initiative to Adopt-a-Pastor, and your prayers and giving have made a difference! This Christmas, we want to continue to carry this torch forward by asking Foursquare churches to join forces.

John Kamanzi, national leader of Foursquare Uganda, reports that many pastors and key leaders in Uganda are calling daily asking for food: “We have no food. My children are dying. My wife has significant health problems.” These are the kinds of stories John hears every day, and adds “We desperately need your help and support.”

Uganda isn’t alone. “Churches all over the world are going through hard times,” says Leslie Keegel, national leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka and chair of the Foursquare Global Council. “Our pastors and their families have suffered the most. With businesses closing down and job losses, tithing and giving are down. We need your prayers. It is our prayer that your hearts would be touched and released to give, to help our family of Foursquare pastors around the world.”

First Responders

As the COVID-19 crisis rages on, many places lack critical infrastructure and basic response capabilities. Supply chains and businesses have been shut down, leaving Foursquare communities without necessary food and supplies. With church buildings closed, many pastors around the world have had no income-generating ability.

Pastors have found themselves becoming first responders and community caregivers. Many are taking on immense personal risks to continue to bless their flocks, while remaining under-equipped and under-resourced. But that’s what shepherds do, and not only for their congregations, but also for their cities and villages.

“Churches all over the world are going through hard times. Our pastors and their families have suffered the most.” —Leslie Keegel, national leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka and chair of the Foursquare Global Council

There are also nations where religious discrimination is taking place, and followers of Jesus are being passed up when food is being distributed by government and non-government groups. Through the Adopt-a-Pastor initiative, we want to ensure that no pastor will be passed by.

Will your church join Adopt-a-Pastor?

FDR and FMI believe that it is through the outreach of the local church that we see the best kind of fruit come to bear in the surrounding community. Who knows the community and the culture better than the local church? This is why global partnerships are so vital, and our international Foursquare pastors are some of the best out there.

We surely cannot do this alone. Together, we believe we could see thousands upon thousands hear and experience the message of Christmas, thanks to our Foursquare pastors sharing the gospel around the world. We pray that our pastors suffering from food instability in 30 nations can regain their footing as a result of God’s move in our hearts to pray and give.

God is moving throughout these nations, and we get to join Him in helping save our global family of pastors and families from starvation. Many lives have already been saved from the insecurities of not knowing where their next meal will come from. Your generosity has helped rescue the rescuers and care for the caregivers.

This Christmas, will your church bless another church in need as part of your Christmas offering? Each gift of $50 can feed a pastor for a full month! Just think of the impact a single U.S. church can have in sharing food and the Christmas message in another nation!

Let’s remind and encourage our global family of pastors that we are in this together. Our participation through prayers and resources activates and encourages our pastors to know that others from around the world are with them, praying for them, and joining their team in outreach this Christmas. Thank you for your partnership and generosity!

Prayer + Reflection

  1. Ask God to provide for the needs of all His people worldwide who might be hungry, particularly pastors, missionaries and church personnel.
  2. Pray for an abundance of resources in your church, that your congregation would be able to reach out to those in need.
  3. Please lift up Foursquare pastors, staff, church members and missions personnel afflicted with COVID-19. Ask God for their complete healing, and pray for those caring for them. Let’s also ask God to protect those churches with members at risk as they serve their communities in schools, daycare and church services.

Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own.


Is your church ready to partner with Adopt-a-Pastor?

This Christmas, your Foursquare church’s Christmas offering can make a huge difference in the lives of fellow Foursquare families in 30 nations. Learn more about how your church can make plans to make a huge impact!

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