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The following is a part of our weekly devotional series, which is a companion to the 2013 Foursquare Life Journal. This week’s Bible reading comes from 2 Sam. 24; 1 Kings 1-5; 1 Chron. 21- 29; 2 Chron. 1-2; Psalms 30, 78, 91, 95 and 101; 1 Thess. 2-5; and 2 Thess. 1-3.

Are you like me? Do you ever find yourself trying to sit quietly before Father God, but your mind is like a surround-sound movie theater that won’t shut off?

You hear the needs of hurting people. You feel the sting of pointing fingers and false accusations. You remember events that need to be planned—so many events! And what about the buildings that still need to be built and the bank account without enough money? Well, before everything in your head turns into a 3-D action movie, listen to what Holy Spirit just spoke to my heart:

I ask you today, my child: “Are you trying, or are you trusting?”
I’m not asking you to work harder at trying to do something for Me.
I’m asking you to abide. I’m asking you to rest. I’m asking you to trust.    
Give up. Let go. Trust.
Trust what I am doing in your life today.
I am making a way where there seems to be no way.
My design for you is giving, not holding on.
Right now purpose in your heart to turn it all over to me.
That’s right—let it go!

We don’t know what was playing across the screen of David’s mind during the season of war in 2 Sam. 24. But we do know a day came that David chose to take things into his own hands. He ordered to have his fighting men numbered. It was probably a lot like that which unfolds in our minds when we face times of battle. How easy it is to “count our people” and inventory our gifts and resources while looking for an answer.

David’s decision to fight his own fight, fix his own mess and be his own defender angered God. However, God was—and still is—quick to convict, and we find David being quick to repent. First Chron. 21:13 tells of David crying out to God in great distress. When he remembers the glorious faithfulness of God, he says, “Please let me fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are very great” (NKJV). 

Over and over, you and I are reminded not to be stubborn and rebellious but to set our hearts aright. We are to prepare our hearts to know God and remain steadfast and faithful to Him and His ways. We are to always remember that He is a God who can bring streams from a rock and cause waters to run like rivers. He is able to furnish food for a table in the wilderness, speak to the clouds above and open the doors of heaven (Ps. 78).

Whatever you are facing today, hear His voice, and order your heart aright. Run to that secret place of the Most High. Dwell there. See yourself stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty, knowing full well that no foe can withstand His power. Be one who is found saying, “He is my Lord, my refuge and my fortress” (see Ps. 91).

That’s it!  Lean in—now abide there! Let’s just see what happens when we trust in the unending creative power of our uncreated God.               

By: Tani Parker, senior pastor of Destiny (Rapid City 2 Foursquare Church) in Rapid City, S.D.

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