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The day after Hurricane Ike made landfall, Foursquare pastors Alex Montealegre and Cere Muscarella in South Texas saw a need and began working to meet it.

Near Galveston Island, Texas, five communities whose population totaled about 8,000 had been hard hit, receiving no immediate assistance or promise of help. Pastors Montealegre and Muscarella, together with their congregations at La Vida Regional Cuadrangular and Life Foursquare Church in Angleton, Texas, began trucking in 38 tons of food and supplies. They were also able to network with the Red Cross to bring two trucks, one with ice and one with water, to the people of these communities.

The greater Houston area continues to recover from the devastation of Ike, with massive power outages and loss of water and utilities. Foursquare supervisor Tony Krishack said that congregations in his district have suffered damage to both church buildings and to homes. Some locations have experienced total loss.

In the midst of their own losses, however, Foursquare churches and people in South Texas have offered aid and ministry. Here are a few examples:

  • One minister near Galveston is establishing a camp which will house 100 volunteers.
  • A congregation gathered for a weekend of celebration and worship, and even a wedding, despite damage to their homes and the church building.
  • Another church body cooked all the food in congregants’ freezers, offering meals for the elderly in their community, some of whom had not eaten for days.
  • A minister who has nationwide networks and a proven track record of effective outreach is mobilizing resources from multiple agencies.
  • Foursquare ministers are responding with compassion and sensitivity as people throughout several states assess losses and make plans for the future.

Leaders in the Gulf Coast request that our Foursquare family pray…

  • For the strength and spiritual vitality of ministers as they reach out to people who are struggling and hurting.
  • For the Holy Spirit’s presence in the midst of the disaster, bringing peace and hope.

Financial gifts are needed immediately to help provide food, water, clothing, personal products, cleaning supplies and generators to help sustain these communities as cleanup and rebuilding begins. Details on ways to help and ways to give toward U.S. relief are available online.

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