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During the month of March, four Foursquare churches were opened, six churches closed, and four Foursquare pastors retired. In addition, 12 senior pastors were appointed to Foursquare churches in the U.S.

There are now 1,737 Foursquare churches in the U.S., with 6,793 credentialed ministers serving at churches and in the field.

The following reported data was confirmed by the Foursquare board of directors between March 1–March 29.



Church Openings — 4

  • Concord Thrive Foursquare Church pastored by Scott Jenkins in Concord, N.C. (Southeast District)
  • Iglesia Cuadrangular Rey de Reyes de Issaquah (Issaquah Hispanic Foursquare Church) pastored by Juventino Arredondo in Issaquah, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Wichita East Foursquare Church pastored by Adam Welty in Bel Aire, Kan. (Gateway District)
  • Yakima Foursquare Simple Church Network pastored by Anne Stoothoff in Yakima, Wash. (Northwest District)

Church Closings (Permanent*) — 6**

  • Nashville Central Foursquare Church in Nashville, Tenn. (Southeast District)
  • River Crest (Daytona Beach Central Foursquare Church) in Daytona Beach, Fla. (Southeast District)
  • The Rock Community Church (Thousand Oaks III Foursquare Church) in Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Pacific Coast and Valleys District)
  • Summit Fellowship (Norman Foursquare Church) in Norman Okla. (MidSouth District)
  • Wapato Foursquare Church in Harrah, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Westside Christian Fellowship (Rochester Foursquare Church) in Rochester, N.Y. (Northeast District)

Total U.S. Foursquare Churches — 1,737
Total Attendance of the U.S. Foursquare Churches — 248,982


Senior Pastoral Appointments to Established Foursquare Churches — 12

  • Celia Garcia to House of Celebration (Hawthorne 4 Foursquare Church) in Hawthorne, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Dan Laurenzo to The Lake Church (Lake Stevens Foursquare Church) in Lake Stevens, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Jake Poetzl to Burlington Foursquare Church in Burlington, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Jason Doescher to Living Hope (Hanover Foursquare Church) in Hanover, Mass. (Northeast District)
  • Josh Morgan to Connect4Life (Waxahachie Foursquare Church) in Waxahachie, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Marcos Figueroa to Catalyst Church (Elephant Butte Foursquare Church) in Elephant Butte, N.M. (MidSouth District)
  • Mel Steinmeyer to Tri-City (Kennewick Foursquare Church) in Kennewick, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Plummer Bailor to Ignite (Flint Foursquare Church) in Flint, Mich. (Heartland District)
  • Robert Andrade to Hope Chapel (San Pedro 2 Foursquare Church) in San Pedro, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Ron Ruf to Kalispell Foursquare Church in Kalispell, Mont. (Great Northern District)
  • Scott Jennings to New Hope (Keaau Foursquare Church) in Keaau, Hawaii (Hawaii District)
  • Warren McCosky to Cornerstone (Durand Foursquare Church) in Durand, Ill. (Heartland District)

Credentialed Minister Retirements — 4

  • Claud Duffy in Anderson, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Jean Stephens in Bend, Ore. (North Pacific District)
  • Pertinito Naga in Suisun City, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Sue Duffy in Anderson, Calif. (Central Pacific District)

Total Credentialed/Licensed Ministers  — 6,793

* Closings: Churches are permanently closed when assets are sold or transferred.
**Temporary Closings: Three churches were temporarily closed during the month of March.

is a freelance writer living in Long Beach, Calif.