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Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2012 in Phoenix, the Administrators and Executive Pastors Learning Track features a panel of expert guests who address specific strategies and practical advice for leaders serving in these unique roles. Topics addressed include student ministry, finances, mission statements, conflict management, human resources, legal issues, social media, communications and facilities management.

During Foursquare Connection 2012 in Phoenix, church administrators, executive pastors and youth leaders gathered for a tailor-made Learning Track to learn more about their ministerial roles as they serve their pastors and congregations.

While topics varied, each session included stories from panel members’ personal experiences, including practical tips and action items for attendees to take home to their churches and put into practice. Speakers also reminded the participants of the greater goal: to discover God’s vision for the church and bring it to fruition with each step taken.

The Administrators and Executive Pastors Learning Track offers helpful tools and resources for anyone who works to benefit the business-edge of church, the next generation, the members of the congregation and the vision of the senior pastor.

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Church Administrators Session 1: Student Ministry (96 minutes)

In this session, leaders from Mars Hill Bible Church present a call to realign the goals of youth ministry, issue a challenge to young Christians’ faith, and give five steps to identify and contribute solutions to problems the next generation faces. Speakers include Steve Argue, life development director at Mars Hill, and Josh Bishop, student ministry pastor.

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Church Administrators Session 2: Church Finances, Mission Statements and Conflict Management (111 minutes)

In Session 2, Foursquare leaders with expertise in finance and administration discuss stewardship of resources through cash flow management, tax law and development of a budget as a strategic ministry plan. They share how to create a mission statement, and implement goals to achieve church vision and maintain unity.

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Church Administrators Session 3: Facilities, Planning and Ministry Through Social Media (88 minutes)

In Session 3, speakers with experience in facilities and planning present solutions to plan for and meet the needs of ministry growth, and discuss crucial topics such as real estate, parking zones, debt avoidance and calculated risks. Following this discussion, communications experts address the digital age’s influence on church life and explain the buzz about social media.

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Executive Pastors Session 1: Mission Statements, Human Resources and Legal Issues (109 minutes)

The first session for executive pastors features a panel of leaders discussing how to capture God’s vision, communicate church values and deal with conflict well. Then, speakers with expertise in human resources and legal issues deliver details for navigating taxes, reducing risk of lawsuits, assessing church employees and finding insurance policies.

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Executive Pastors Session 2: Social Media, Communications and Facilities (95 minutes)

Session 2 for executive pastors includes a panel of communications leaders presenting the “what,” “why” and “how” of social media and digital connections. Following this discussion, speakers with experience managing facilities share the benefits of leasing versus buying, ideas to cut costs and other financial solutions for building concerns.

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