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For many people, finding the will of God is a mystical experience that only a few heroes of the faith ever attain.

As I was growing up in a Foursquare pastor’s home, discerning God’s will was a mandate. You were to do the will of God whether it was easy or hard. We were taught to “pray through,” seek and find God’s will, and follow His leading every time there was a crossroads in our lives.

Through the years, I have learned how important those early lessons were. Every major decision we make shapes our life for good or bad. Sometimes we are called upon to do very difficult things, but if we follow those promptings of the Holy Spirit (confirmed by the Word and by significant leaders God puts in our lives), we will see that our lives can be used in meaningful ways to impact the lives of others and become an instrument of blessing in God’s kingdom.

Christ is our example. In Luke 22:42 He said, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done” (NKJV). As a result of His prayer, an angel was sent to strengthen Him to face the day of His death.

The act of following God and putting His will first puts our lives in proper perspective. Our lives are not our own. The decision to surrender to God’s will is a permanent guideline, a map, for our lives.

We are pilgrims on the way to our eternal home. Romans 12:1-2 has always been a guide for me. Only as we place our lives on the altar to die to selfishness can we truly be utilized by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the will of God.

This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5]

  1. Take a moment right now to thank God for His provision and guiding in your life. Thank Him for the relationships He’s placed in your life.
  2. As you make choices regarding your career, stop and make time to really listen to the Holy Spirit and discern God’s plan for your life. Pray over every major decision you are facing, and explore its impact on your family and walk with God.
  3. Don’t go “out to pasture” as you get older. Pray that God will use your life lessons and maturity to disciple younger believers.
  4. Pray for wisdom and unity for our Foursquare NextGen district representatives as they prayerfully oversee NextGen leaders who disciple youth and children, and for future generations of leaders.
  5. Lift up the Global Council meeting of leaders from all regions, which will be held Feb. 12-17 in Amsterdam. Ask God to bless this major event for global Discipleship Leadership Training.

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and her husband, Frank, served as FMI missionaries in Papua New Guinea and now serve as area missionaries to to East and Southern Africa with Foursquare Missions International.

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