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​A warm tropical breeze blew through the open windows of the church. The singing, praying and preaching seemed inspired, but I didn’t understand a single word.

I dutifully stood, worshiped and prayed, though I could only guess at what was happening. Then, a word in tongues was given, followed by the gift of interpretation in English, a language I understood! God encouraged me in a situation where I was unable to understand what was being taught.

At Pentecost, tongues demonstrated God’s heart to speak in languages that everyone could understand. Tongues and interpretation are an encouraging reminder that everyone needs to know that God speaks, and we can understand what He is saying.

Today we need the complete expression of the Spirit and to value the gifts by making room for them in all our gatherings. Sometimes it is messy as we mentor others in the use of the gifts, so God has given us guidelines in 1 Corinthians 14. Welcoming the Spirit allows relationships with Him to begin or to deepen, transforming lives.

Video: The Gift of Tongues + Interpretation

The gift of tongues and interpretation exists because God is a communicator. He wants everyone to know who He is and to have an intimate, growing relationship with Him.

Watch Joyce Butron’s video.

Prayer Points

  • Holy Spirit, I welcome You into my heart and mind. I need You.
  • Holy Spirit, move through me today with Your gifts to bring others into relationship with You.
  • Holy Spirit, I invite You to move in my life and church the way You want to move, in all of Your fullness.
  • Holy Spirit, I ask for a greater outpouring of the gift of tongues and interpretation in my life and ministry.

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